Friday, November 30, 2012

All about my little sister

Hello Everybody that is reading my blog.
Today I am going to tell you all about my little sister.
My sister has colorful eyes it is like the blue sky up in the heavens 
She has a lovely smile  everyday I see her.
My sister had long spider legs
She is 2 years old and her full name is
Tewaimarie Mariana Mana Pukeiti
She is pretty cool sometimes she is not very nice to her family but I love my sister she is cool
she call's me by my hole name Jessica but it is better with my short name Jess.
So this is all about my sister 

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Eclipse

On Wednesday the 14th  2012 somehow it never happened in years the very first time New zealand had the eclipse the same day as our manaiakalani film festival . It is incredible it happened everywhere around the world it happened at night in the morning really it’s never happened in 2012. On the news it said it was really cold it was like 0 decrease . Room 22 saw it first then the other classes I liked it because it was very cool and it made my lips cold. While it happened we took some video.
I am going to tell you this what I got of the news the next eclipse might happen in 2023 that is likefully going to happen.
                                 THE END

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Church time

On a lovely Saturday morning I went to church it was cool and loud but I didn't mind because it is really really loud but it is really cool. The church that I went to was up in west I waited for my ride to come but it had taken for ever we got there late because we had to pick up some other guys witch was my ride nephew I was all quite. Then we went to church we had a 2 church that we had to go to but the first on was very cool because we had lunch and something other then lunch. We had a big mas of lunch because after that we had pudding it was very full.

Then I went to meet some kids that is 18 to 20 it was cool then I meet some  more people that are very old.
Church is cool

Friday, November 9, 2012

My makeover toy plan

This term we are making our toys for our member in the family. This plan is for my makeover things I am going to make this for my sister because she is very special to me.
 It is a bit like this one it is called Turbine sprinkler
it is going to be very awesome I hope.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Love this day

"Sunny days like the blue sky"
" Rainy days like the green sea"
"The Gray sky is like the Gray ground"
"The People are cheering as the birds are singing"
"Kids are walking to school"
"Cars are Rushing to work and forgetting about being late"
"Friends are talking"
"And kids are playing handball"
"Mum is saying goodbye to me"
"And dad is saying who is the man"
"Sky's are blue and sea's are green"
"Check this out it must be are friend"
"Loving this day all I just want is a lovely day"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cheering Laughter and Angryness Poem

Morning light and dark sky's bright, Kids are happy as the sunlight 
People are cheering as the crowed is sing anybody wants to say my name just say it.
But on a Tuesday night everybody fights with actions everyone is saying fight fight.
Baby's are crying and noises are coming, going out side to see what is going on is very loud. 
As I pass through people I heard someone say light light light.
When I stop the fight I just say the baby's are crying, I don't want to hear this nose just be happy.
The Girl's say she started it but I don't care what is going on just do it.
I say Don't make me ring your mother or you are grounded for the rest of the month.
People say you are guy but nobody nose what is wrong.
That is so dry.
What is been going on here, She said this she said that, I tell them to shut there mouths up. but that is not necessaries.
Someone says boo to me I tell them to shut up.
I went back inside an look who I hear is some more fighting.
But I just crap my dog and made him bark that would stop them from fighting.
I don't like your questions that makes me so angry.
The next morning I hear cheeriness.
when I saw those Teenage girls I told them to show them how they fell about one another.

When Earthquake Strikes

Earthquakes are very dangerous because roofs can fall on building by building and kids other tables just waiting for the earth to stop. If I was at the beach and the earth was shaking I will move to higher grounds because I Tsunami might happen. Let me tell you a example thing. It is a sunny day you are at the beach and something s moves from the ground and things that shake the things that you have to do in a earthquake is to DROP,COVER,HOLD that is all you have to do in and earthquake.

Remember These three things DROP,COVER,HOLD